Friday, February 5, 2016

Cell Phone Calling Cards

These questions are being collected for years. People go on to put them again and again. What should we do? We must answer them again and again too. Learn also what calling cards cannot do.

Can I use a calling card with my cell phone?
Yes, you can use a calling card for your cell phone.

If I use a prepaid calling card to make long-distance calls from my cell phone will my cell phone charge me?
No. Phone calls made with phone card are charged only to your phone card balance. The long-distance fee is deducted from the balance directly.

Can I use a prepaid calling card although I don't have long distance on my cell phone?
Yes, you can. Because calling cards provide you local access number or toll-free number to connect to their service. To place long-distance calls with a phone card, all you need is a phone.

If a call is made from a cell phone with a calling card, does the number called show on the cell phone bill?
Either a number shows on the cell phone bill or not, a calling card has nothing to do with it. Because it was designed just for connection. It has not other functions.

Can I call someone on a cell phone using a calling card and not use daytime minutes?
No, you cannot. You will still use up your mobile minutes if you use a calling card.

Is there any difference between calling from a cell phone and landline phone?
The only one difference is a higher rate per minute may apply when you are calling from a cell phone with a calling card. It's usually noted in phone card lists.

Can I use a prepaid calling card to call overseas with my cell phone?
Yes, of course. Using a phone card, you receive welcome access to long distance service as a local access number or a toll-free access number.

Can you use a calling card to make a call to a cell phone in the United States?
Yes, of course, you can. But why? In order to get cell minutes charge plus a calling card charge? Why do you need that compote? Use a calling card from a cell phone for only long distance calling.

Monday, January 25, 2016

What Is an Unlocked Cell Phone

Commonly, an unlocked cell phone is a GSM-device (a phone with SIM card slot), that is not tied to a specific carrier. However, it’s easier to begin by explaining what a locked phone is.

High-end smartphones are very expensive. Traditionally, carriers do the next. They subsidize the purchase price in exchange for one or two-year contract. They suppose to regain the subsidy over the course of the contract. They put a lock on the smartphone. The lock is usually a software code. Due to that code, the device can’t be used on any other operator's network.

You buy that locked phone for the essentially low price. Even two or three times as low! But you will have to wait until the period of the contract expires before you can purchase another phone.

If you often travel and wish to use a local carrier instead of paying expensive roaming fees, the lock software will reject it. Passingly, switching a SIM card from a different carrier is a way to check out if your handset is locked or not.

In contrast to locked phones, an unlocked phone doesn't have the lock software on it; or you are able to get a code that unlocks the software.

How do you unlock a cell phone? To get your phone unlocked, you'll need to contact the cell phone company where your phone was purchased and ask for the SIM unlock code. Each cell phone carrier has its own guidelines for unlocking phones. But firstly get to know if your phone will actually be capable of functioning on another carrier before unlocking it.

Once a device is unlocked, it’s no longer bound to a specific carrier.

Then you are free to switch SIM cards from different wireless telecom networks at will and get service. Particularly, while traveling overseas, you always can purchase a local SIM card with a local call plan at your destination for making calls, texting, and surfing the Internet.